Onboarding Questionnaire


We are eager to start this project with you. To begin, please fill out the Onboarding Questionnaire. The details you provide will help us prepare for the Kickoff Meeting and lay the groundwork for developing our Strategy Playbook. 

We truly appreciate your time.

What are the top 3 goals you would like to accomplish with the internship program? 
What are some key projects or initiatives you would like the interns to work on this summer? 
What were the main insights from last year's program that you aim to apply this year?
How many interns will participate in the program? What year(s) are the students in school? Please add student bios if available.

Please provide a list of events (and date/times if available) that national and DC office have planned for the interns. 

Provide program calendars, intern handbooks, meeting agendas, program evaluations, or other data that will be helpful to give context for your current internship program.
In order to develop roles for the interns, it is helpful to understand your organization's structure, including a list of the major departments. Please upload a copy of your organizational chart, or provide a brief overview of your structure below. 
You may provide additional information about your organization, including major policy focus areas, that may not be included on the organizational chart. 
Please provide a line item budget for the program.
Is there any additional information that you think would be helpful as we prepare the Strategy Playbook?

Thank You For Your Feedback

Our team will message you back as soon as possible.
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